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I’m declaring it ‘Draw yourself as a Magical Girl’ day.


1) It has to be YOU. Draw yourself as best you can. Feel free to include a friend sidekick or pet, but you must be in it.

2) Make it represent you/your likes/etc. Maybe you play guitar? Draw yourself with a crystal guitar that shoots rainbows. Maybe you love alpacas and BDSM? Draw yourself in a furry corset and magical spiked heels, standing on the bodies of your enemies. It can be anything from your hobby or pets, to favorite holidays or colors. Get creative.

3) Tag it ‘magical girl art’.

I encourage EVERYONE (regardless of sex, shape, ethnicity, artistic ability and time) to do this today! I don’t care if its a sketch or a full color piece. I don’t care if you’re a man, becoming a man, or an alien. I don’t care if you think you’re too fat/skinny/dark/light. I don’t care if you’re a god damn green alpaca. Do it and have fun.

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